Once Upon A Dream…

Danny Glover

What creates a dream?  When I say dreams I’m not referring to aspirations, I’m referring to experiencing what are often bizarre circumstances with pieces of your conscious world thrown in for good measure.  It lets you know that you’re in this enigmatic situation till the bitter end. It means attempting to combat a lion chasing you despite having lost the ability to run and/or scream, it means finding yourself in a town stark naked only to discover your dignity slipping down the same mysterious road your clothes did a number of moments (which felt like hours!) ago.  Positively in this delightful scenario people haven’t realized there is a stranger stood utterly nude outside the local Starbucks. However, should you happen to move or focus on your lack of apparel, they’ll notice and the mortification (and cold) will set in.   I ask this question because a couple of nights ago I woke up leaving a dream that not only felt vastly real but was also highly entertaining!

Early morning in my sleeping state I found myself at a summer camp having to perform a gymnastics routine.  The gym where it was taking place was entirely colored blue.  On starting I helpfully managed to forget a number of moves, upon realizing it saw me having to fly by the seat of my pants and make the whole thing up. This wasn’t a success because on coming up with the genius idea of doing a forward roll to ‘fill in’ the time, I couldn’t perform it for love nor money.  I tried six or seven times but I just couldn’t get my head on the floor to get in the position and roll.  However, when it came to the ropes I climbed with a monkey like agility when in reality I can’t climb a rope for taffy.  After a tremendous cheer, I continued on to attempt the forward roll which clearly had been presented in my dream the wrong way round (helpful!).  Post energetic activity, I trotted off to root around for a specific item of clothing.  I looked through a jumbled mess comprising of every piece of clothing imaginable.  Unsurprisingly, I never found what I was looking for.

Late for my next engagement due to the disaster which was the gymnastics event, I walked in to a dance studio where my mum was having ballroom dancing lessons only to find her dance teacher was Danny Glover (naturally).  My sister was there along with a number of others.  What made this rehearsal even more wacky was the fact that all who were watching were sitting on the floor like ballet dancers wearing wedding dresses.


I remember having a veil and a big poufy skirt the sides of which I was holding as I ran in.  It was actually a spectacular sight to behold.

Moving swiftly on, I found myself in a setting that couldn’t have been more of a contrast.  I was walking up a windy Hawaiian road only to find an open windowed train making its way towards me. Unsurprisingly there were no tracks so it simply floated down the hill.  Jumping into the bushes to avoid getting flattened I looked up and lo and behold my folks from the Camphill community were in there waving to me as they sailed by.  Not wanting to get stuck in the bushes again I crossed to the other side and ventured to the lookout point to admire the magnificent view.  Whilst looking, I heard a noise.  Turning round I saw a three legged fawn making its way up the hill.  Before I knew it I looked to my right and yes, you guessed it, there was an elephant walking down the hill.  He seemed sad and subdued swishing his trunk every now and again,  moving his feet and shifting his weight from side to side.  Drivers began honking their horns but it was like the elephant was alone and blissfully unaware of the blockage he was causing.  The traffic, which came out of nowhere was backing up and I was searching for a cell phone to call animal protection.  Every time I tried to dial the number it kept disappearing requiring me to repeatedly try again (see, even my phone frustrations transfer to my dreams!).  I never got to make the call and can’t tell you what happened next as I woke up.

I love the idea of dream interpretation, how precise this is is another issue entirely.  I do believe that concerns, worries and conscious events contribute to dream construction.  I’ve always had extremely vivid dreams and have wondered whether it could be attributed to the AED’s.

The cause for dreams is a concept scientists have yet to crack but in the meantime trying to understand this dream, well, go figure!



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