My Tropical Rehab


I will be the first one to admit as you can see from the picture above, that I’ve been swept away with today’s way of living.  My generation were the guinea-pigs of what has now become an increasingly permanent reality.  This blog will shamefully show my age.  Even as a young whippersnapper at thirty three, it makes me feel old to be looking at ‘the youth of today’ thinking, ‘We didn’t do that when I was a teen!’

When I’m out and about, I am reminded of the sci-fi movies set in the future with robots pacing the streets where life is lived immersed in the concentrated technological advancements and the human population is decreasing.  People have their noses buried in their phones whilst walking, at the bus stop, in restaurants, bars and movie theatres, there is nowhere which seems to be free of this trend.   I am an increasing technophobe like a salmon swimming upstream; however, I would be lost without Google Maps.  As my partner says, ‘I was born without an inner compass’ which is the plain truth!

I know little of how my phone works and will be the first to admit that I am not using it anywhere to its full potential.  All I use it for is calls, texts, social media, music, the bus timetable and lest we forget Google Maps.  That may be a longer list in comparison to some but for others it is shockingly minimal.

I’m completely old school and I don’t use the calendar alongside the array of its numerous other features.  I was arranging a meeting and the colleague I was liaising with let out a guffaw when I got out my paper diary.  The bottom line is I don’t trust my cell phone.  It does the things I need it to do but really, I feel that it could turn against me at any given moment by thieving the content of my life which is currently and safely written in my paper diary.  The loss would simply create a phone rage situation which those around me would be subjected to.  Having had experience of similar situations, it normally involves my partner in my rage filled ‘anti-cell phoneism’, much to his irritation!  He is techno savvy so it is both a blessing and a curse as many a time he is frustrated with my frustration!

My attitude is, the more little gadgets there are on it the more likely it is to go wrong. So what did we do before cell phones?

As a child I remember arranging to meet friends on a Saturday in town and hoping that a) they’d remember b) they’d turn up and c) if they did a + b that they would be in the place where we had arranged to meet.

There were a number of occasions where I’d find myself on the bus back home because the friend I’d arranged to meet hadn’t turned up.  Yes I was frustrated and goodness knows I’d find them on Monday morning at school to see what the excuse was, but the bottom line is that it just wasn’t a big deal.  I’d have a wander round the shops, it was my opportunity to buy junk food and not have to declare it and then I’d catch the bus home.  If I was lucky enough, I’d have a call on the landline before I left.  If this was not the case and they’d called when I was on my way, the message would be relayed when I got home but naturally I’d figured it out by then having been stood up a few hours earlier!

As with cell phones the next level down is laptops.  Now as you well know I love writing this blog and nothing makes me happier than tip tapping away in cafes all over Seattle.  With my passion for writing, it unfortunately means I am permanently attached to mine.  It’s like a baby, it comes practically everywhere with me and when it finally gives up the ghost I shall mourn its presence before the panic sets in where I realize I am unable to complete all the tasks I need to do.   No doubt as quickly as it departed it will be replaced with a newer shinier model and all fond memories will vanish as the up to date computer shows itself off leaving me enamored with its abilities which are nothing short of cleaning the kitchen sink.

With that in mind, I have decided to go cold turkey for a week by leaving my electrical addiction behind as I go on vacation.  As I sweat out my addiction on a beach in Hawaii without my laptop and with no means to write, I intend to work on eliminating the separation anxiety which will for certain set in.

So with that, I bid you adieu and look forward to connecting with you after my stint in the tropical rehab!


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