Chance IS A Fine Thing


Summer camp fun!

Chance would be a fine thing and in this case it actually is.  The web of life is so intricate with all the major and minor events interlaced together.  Weaving and its color choice is a process that life can be equated to.

Representing the people and experiences, the colored threads breeze into our lives.  Some leave permanent marks and in others the colors depart just as quickly as they entered.  Either way they have their purpose.  Looking back at each stage of the creation process, setting up the loom, executing the smooth repetition of the strokes, the difficulties of broken threads and how they are fixed evoke memories of the unforgettable moments of our life.  Choice of color is ours; however, the prediction of the combination appearance is not for our imagination until it is completed.

People come in and out of our lives, some of whom we choose to remain there for months even years, and for others it can be a brief crossing of paths which can begin as simply as starting a conversation with someone in a public place.  What we don’t always know immediately is the purpose of their presence in our life. Synchronicity has one incident leading to another no matter how insignificant.  With it is an accompaniment of richness and variety adding to our existence.

I am at one with the concept of synchronicity particularly when there is an opportunity to look back and see the chain of events which have contributed to the present.  As an example, many years ago (and I’m going back a good twenty years!) I began dating a guy and we were invited to a party at his best friend’s house.  As I got there it materialized his best friend’s girlfriend had just arrived back from the US where she had worked at a camp throughout the summer.  Not having met any of his friends before I began talking with her and the conversation veered to her experiences of the summer just gone.  Totally fired up with what she had told me I decided that I too wanted to go and live and work in a different country.  Needless to say the relationship with the guy I was dating was extremely short lived but it just goes to show one of the synchronistic reasons for our coming together.  Continuing on, after applying and interviewing I was accepted to work at a summer camp in Wisconsin.

Beginning in administration but finding that it wasn’t a good fit, a friend managed to get me transferred to the art department where we taught arts and crafts together.  I had found the place where I was extremely happy, the people were fantastic and I could be creative every day.  On top of that, I was teamed with someone who had started as an acquaintance but had become an increasingly special friend as time went on.  We worked together in the second year and became tighter friends spending time both in the workshop and out.  2000 saw a visit to Canada one winter to see my sister in Montreal but I made the trip to Ontario for a mini reunion to see her and a number of other friends who had spent their summers there.   The years that ensued saw visits to England during her travels one of which she was joined by her brother.  We kept in touch and in 2012 I finally made an overdue visit to see her in Vancouver.  Surprisingly, as she arrived at the airport she had her brother in tow.  Not realizing he had been living there for a prior six years it was lovely to catch up with him as it had been nine years since he’d visited with her in England.  The reason for giving this particular example is that had it not been for our meeting many years before, I would not have been reunited with my ‘now’ partner, her brother.  I would never have believed back in 1999 that all those events would lead to the circumstances I find myself in in the present.

Having moved to the US, I have found that these synchronistic events have been magnified in terms of being able to recognize them.  Having had to begin life again in a different country and in particular with regard to building up the Finding Freedom with Epilepsy campaign, the people who have come into my life at the most unexpected times offering advice, support and help has been invaluable.  Without their assistance I wouldn’t be where I am so a big thank you goes out to them!

In light of this notion and from my experience, it’s helpful to try not to get disheartened with the more negative situations you find yourself in.  This is because you never quite know where life will take you and what your current stepping stone will eventually lead you to.


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