Bacon Cure For Sore Throats?


Apologies for the late delivery of this blog, I’m a little out of sorts this week with various hospital and doctor’s visits yesterday – simply inspiration for another entry!

As we get on with life although I exercise gratitude regularly, I will happily admit that I become complacent at times when everything is running like clockwork.  It often takes a little incident to bring us crashing down with a bump to an unearthly reality.  So as I skipped, or rather slowly plodded to the doctor’s surgery, I had advanced feelings of relief knowing I’d resolve the issue of this annoying back pain which seemed to have a mind of its own.  What I wasn’t prepared for was the underlying cause.

I am a worrier (thanks dad!) when it comes to ill health, though a hypochondriac I am not.  As I had the basic tests, ten minutes later my doctor, who is nothing short of awesome, came back.  He told me the tests had returned and it would appear I had a kidney stone.  My heart sank into my boots.  Kidney stones are awful, there’s absolutely no getting around that.  It’s something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy which is good as I don’t have many of them!

My first thoughts were of the elimination process.  It is nothing short of excruciating from the stories I had heard.  So the next question was what am I going to do about it? Research.  I decided I was going to kick this crystals ass, which is actually what they are.  The kidneys form crystals which are present in the body and are excreted via the bladder. One of the kidney’s roles is to keep a balance between electrolytes and water.  When there’s an imbalance of the minerals contained in the electrolytes the crystals can attach to each other, thus creating a kidney stone.  This can happen anywhere in the urinary tract.

After I had practically run home (the journey as you can imagine was far quicker on the way back), being my mother’s daughter I got straight on the internet to research.  I found articles that revealed the pain was worse than childbirth and one woman stated she’d had four children and she’d rather have another four than opt to pass a kidney stone!  That piece of information was particularly comforting! While the internet is a great tool, the content is to be taken with a pinch of salt as it’s not always correct.

The American health system, although there is much controversy surrounding it, continues to impress me.  My appointment with my doctor was at 10:15am, I was in for CT scan at the hospital at 1:15pm and the results had been sent to my doctors by 2:30pm, now that’s service!  Granted, you have to pay for it but the healthcare quality is of a much higher standard here.  I can almost guarantee that you wouldn’t find that in England.

As my research continued, I found some valuable natural remedies. Aside from drinking enough water to fulfill each and every one of Seattle’s residents’ recommended daily water consumption, one of these methods had me standing in my kitchen before bed drinking salad dressing out of a Pyrex jug.  It was oil and lemon juice mixed together and surprisingly not as vile as you would think.  Having frequented a herbalist many times before, there are far more tastes to turn your nose up at however effective they are!


As I stood there drinking this concoction, it reminded me of an occasion as a child when I couldn’t shift a sore throat no matter what was tried.  This has always caused much amusement over the years since.  My mum looked through her book of ‘Grandma’s Remedies’ and found a cure for sore throats.  It saw me going to bed with a couple of uncooked bacon rashers wrapped round my neck wrapped with a scarf.  Needless to say, upon waking the rashers were partially cooked and unsurprisingly my throat hadn’t improved! That’s what I love about alternative therapies, sometimes they’re outrageous but they’re often successful; unfortunately, I couldn’t include the bacon incident in this category!

As it happens, I received my test results today and discovered I have no kidney stones rattling around.  Feeling blessed!  Yesterday made me realize how much easier acceptance is when one has a clear head and can think straight.  After the initial shock the positivity set in and I decided that I could deal with whatever comes my way. I thought about the situations I wasn’t faced with such as not having a terminal illness or cancer.  I decided that there will always be a worse situation to be in.  Although life can be trying at times, we have the tools to deal with whatever comes our way, we just need to dig deep to find them.


2 thoughts on “Bacon Cure For Sore Throats?

  1. Freya, thanks so much for this piece of information. Thanks for sharing your experience with us which of course is a great learning tool for me. Glad your situation is under control now. Keep the good and inspiring posts going. I’ll always appreciate reading more from you. Sorry for all you went through but like you said, life can be very trying at time but we got tools to deal with what ever comes our way. Glad your digging deep into it helped solved your situation and you shared with us. Thanks again once more and stay blessed


  2. “Be grateful for what you’ve got” has become my motto lately. Since my surgery, I’ve started connecting online with people going through the same things as me, and It’s definitely driven home the knowledge that there’s always someone who’s got it worse. At the end of a hard day I kiss my husband and snuggle my babies and go to bed knowing that I am truly blessed.

    Once again, thanks for sharing your story with honesty and humour! =)


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