Which One’s Your Glass?

Monzy Steph Me

I have been overwhelmed yet again this week by an immense feeling of gratitude.  You folks must be out there rolling your eyes thinking ‘this again!’  Gratitude is something that should be exercised daily.  It is a feeling which is present constantly but only consumes me every so often.  I have always said in relation to the hardships in my life, I wouldn’t change a single thing.  This no doubt extends to the millions of others who are in the same position, because let’s face it, everyone comes with baggage; it’s just whether you happen to be carrying a small shoulder bag or a whopping full size suitcase of it!  It is the tricks that life has a habit of dishing out which test us to see just how far we’ve come both spiritually and mentally.  This has a capacity to throw people off the trail by challenging them with the concept of gratitude and offers the opportunity to succumb to the temptation of what I have interpreted over the years as ‘poor me syndrome’.

Some would think me insensitive and uncompassionate.  Granted you cannot judge a person’s situation until you have walked a mile in their shoes but, without the ability to see beyond the immediacies of life it must become so very one dimensional which I hate to say must be, yes, boring.  I see Facebook statuses which are full of negativity or at least once a week will revert back to ‘I’m bored’.  Really?  When I see that written I feel so terribly sad for them.  Many are blessed with the gifts of their children, health, families, friends, shelter, food, transport, arms and legs, the list is endless, yet that appears not enough to relieve them from the boredom which they feel.  I am not immune to the fact that life is hard, tiring and particularly with children in the mix I would imagine, very chaotic.  Seeing blatant status’ such as, ‘does anyone want a child X age as I’m done with them’ joke or otherwise seems to be very insensitive and can’t be doing them any favours in how they are perceived.  There is a good friend of mine who has twins and an older son and she never ceases to amaze me.  Her positive attitude, personality, love and goodness towards her family and the world including everyone and everything in it, radiates throughout my newsfeed.  I’m sure it does all her other friends too and it makes me feel blessed that I have a friendship with someone as special as her.

So how is it that some people fall into the category of glass half full or glass half empty?  Is it to do with strength, personality or simply not being in that ‘place’ in this lifetime where they are not able to see beyond what comprises of everyday living? Could it be that they don’t have the strength to be positive?  Or for some is it either a safe place because it’s what they know or is there a part of them, dare I say it that enjoys wallowing?  These are speculative thoughts as I certainly don’t proclaim to be a saint of any kind, it has however, always been something I have always questioned through my interaction with people from all walks of life.  People who have experienced hardship more than most seem to be the ones with the glass half full.  Somehow, it seems like it should be vice versa as there are reasons for a half empty glass!

On occasions when some of my own past incidences or epilepsy have been questioned by people, I simply say that I wouldn’t change a thing.  I see their eyes turn to saucers in absolute bewilderment.  ‘But surely,’ they say, ‘a life without those events would create fewer problems and would make it so much easier.’  Well, maybe.  At thirty three I have tackled the notion of self-love.  More importantly it’s about recognizing the impression that each of those events has created which has subsequently molded me into the person I am today.  They have contributed to my flaws and weaknesses but most significantly they have shaped my personality and made me stronger, enabled me to demonstrate compassion towards others and I like to think I’ve become a better person developing a more rounded personality.

One of the inspirations for this topic was watching the TED video (link below).  They have such superb talks with a variety of subject matters.  Andrew Solomon demonstrates perfectly how to become stronger through the hardships one encounters.


One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is positivity.  By the law of attraction negativity will reproduce as will positivity. As it spreads throughout all areas of life it will only encourage the exact situations to reoccurr which is from what we are trying to escape.


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