Less Stress? Yes Please!

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With the success of ‘Too Stressed for Success?’, I have decided to delve a little deeper into its content and pick up one of the strands left unfinished in that post.

On the focus of stress manifestation, I lightly touched upon the subject of ill health.  Today we are plagued by an overwhelming increase in allergies and illnesses and there are a variety of factors which readily offer their two pennies worth to help create their presence.  One of the most basic forms of which ill health originates is a weak immune system.  There are many influences such as poor diet, vitamin deficiency, lack of sleep but one of the major contributors is, yes, you guessed it, stress.  In my experience, one of the things that I have become very much aware of is that our bodies cope with far more stress and strain than we realize and we are oblivious of the damage it is doing.  This is both a blessing and a curse.  This is due to our bodies being so efficient at processing stress without our knowledge, that we soldier on regardless.  I always find it a miracle that we don’t suffer more as a result; however, the danger here is the longer the stress continues the more severe the manifestation can be.  This is when those little changes can be implemented which begin to make that transformation in our lives.

Ever since I can remember my family used Rescue Remedy from the Bach Flower Remedy collection.  It is very effective for shock or sudden trauma, examples include: receiving bad news or circumstances which produce anxiety and nerves.  We would take a couple of drops and it worked a treat.

My mum being the avid researcher that she is, explored the collection further to discover it was founded by Dr. Edward Bach and there were 38 individual remedies.  The essences are derived from flowers which Dr. Bach found over a period of time in the 1920’s and 30’s.  They have been twice diluted in order to create the tinctures which subsequently can be combined to make a personal mix.  Each and every one is associated with a state of mind and up to six can be combined in a remedy, as more often than not there are additional remedies which one will resonate with.  An example of a remedy is Cerato.  The Cerato state of mind is someone who has an inability to trust their own decision making. They continually seek out others to ask their opinion and confirm that they are making the right decision; however, in that process it may often cause more confusion potentially leading to a decision made with which they aren’t happy.  When taking the remedy, it provides clear cut decision making with an ability to follow intuition with self-confidence.


The book containing the descriptions of these remedies became my bible.  Stress unfortunately became an integral part of my life for many years and it was through the use of these remedies that I managed to keep the emotional elements of my stress to a lower level.  The philosophy that Dr. Bach had was if mind, body and spirit were not in harmony this amalgamation would create ill health in the body; therefore, by combining suitable remedies appropriate for the individual, the body would return to its harmonious balance, thus eliminating ill health.  The bigger picture shows that correcting minor imbalances leads to a smaller stress build up which ideally will prevent greater manifestations resulting in more serious conditions.

As an epileptic I found the greater the stress, the more pressure on my nervous system.  This created additional strain really pushing my body to its limits.  It became a trigger, increasing seizure clusters and would subsequently affect my memory, concentration and the ability to work.  The Bach remedies helped alleviate those pressures of everyday life enabling me to relax and experience fewer seizures.

Due to the positive results which I have experienced taking the Bach Flower Remedies, when I moved to Vancouver last year I began my training to become a practitioner and absolutely loved it. One of the many benefits is that they are so accessible to everyone.  They can be used at home without official training simply by looking through the book and deciding which remedies resonate with one’s emotional wellbeing or situation.  However, to really get to know their properties and experience their maximum potential, the Level 1 course is extremely worthwhile.

As an aside, it is important to take into account that the initial dilution uses an equal amount of brandy to make the mother tincture and is subsequently diluted further.  Those that are unable to consume alcohol due to medication, religion or other reasons would need to check before using them.

To learn more about the Bach Flower Remedies go to http://www.bachcentre.com


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