Carpe Diem



Photo: Nick Vujicic with wife Kanae and son Kiyoshi

Carpe diem, seize the day.

A superb mantra to aspire to, making the most of each and every day as if it’s our last.  Why then is it so challenging to implement into our daily lives?

When all is going well and we’re going through our daily routine of getting up, going to work, eating, drinking, socializing, relaxing at the weekends, booking vacations, preparing for holiday seasons and all with no glitches, a feeling of invincibility develops and we forget that life can change at the drop of a hat.  For the majority, it’s when negative events occur, tragedies happen or health is compromised that we begin to question our own mortality, our lives and/or the people that are loved who are connected to us.  It is only then that a greater sense of appreciation for who and what we have is felt.  But how long does that last?


I saw an inspiring video doing the rounds on Facebook which (once again!) compelled me to write this post.  This man was blessed with an unseen gift yet his purpose in life from watching the video is quite clear.  Nick Vujicic was born with no arms or legs and he has chosen to use his circumstances, which could have been the key to living a life of self-pity and a lack of achievement, into one of using his life story to help others.  Through his speeches he gives strength and confidence and passes on the message that everyone is worthy of love and self-esteem.  He has since married and has a beautiful healthy baby with a woman who is the love of his life.  This is a perfect example of continuing to believe and never giving up hope in oneself because we all have a purpose in this life.

Maybe a little controversial for some, but on so many occasions I have heard the inevitable question, ‘Why me?’ in relation to a variety of situations.  It is a question that makes me think hard about people’s perception of life and I feel that it is a question which is very telling as to how full the glass is for each of us.  I’ve always remembered a wonderful conversation I had with my sister where she hit the nail on the head with her response.  It concerned a situation that had happened including one of my greatest insecurities, worrying what others think of me.  We were discussing the details and whether the person involved would think badly of me.  She said to me, ‘What makes you so special that this person would spend time thinking about you and forming this opinion which you only think they’ll have of you?  People have so many problems of their own, they’re not going to be spending time ruminating over (what was) this small issue, they’ll be focused on their own life’.  This was said out of pure love and she was absolutely spot-on.  What did make me so special that someone would be spending all that time thinking about me and that situation?  The answer I concluded, nothing!

It’s in those ‘why me’ moments that we need to muster all the strength and courage we can unearth to think, ‘Okay this is happening but what can I do to change it and if I can’t change it how can I change my perception in order to become aware of the silver lining?’  It’s been proven to me in my lifetime repeatedly that there is always a silver lining or purpose to a negative situation, even if it doesn’t seem apparent at the time. It’s both natural and easy to get consumed by emotion, therefore it is important to acknowledge these feelings as there is often an emotional process to go through. However, it is also valuable to the learning curve to look at it objectively and detach from the emotion when possible in order to deal with the issue in a realistic manner.

Over the last few months I have made contact with some wonderful people and have learned about the challenges that they and their families face.  Whilst it saddens me that so many people are contending with such difficulties, it gives me a sense of renewed faith that an increasing number of people are opting to tackle such testing issues with courageous positivity and a hope which remains unyielding. The more Nick Vujicic’s that emerge, the greater the impact it will have in our train of thought, our ability for gratitude and in making a difference in somebody else’s life so… carpe diem!


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