Community – A Treasure Relived


Photo Courtesy of Debbie Wright


Camphill Village Kimberton Hills, a place filled with a constellation of abilities, gifts and talents.  The people who reside here cherish that sense of community and care for all who live alongside each other despite the difference in personality, culture and race.  It is, quite simply, a pleasure to have returned as it has such a special and significant place in both my heart and life.

My connection to Mother Nature has been renewed through the beauty and lushness of the 400 acres of land which is owned and the sky which is vast when you’re a mere ant standing in the middle of field open mouthed looking up. Reconnecting with treasured friends old and new gives me time to evaluate the nineteen months I lived here, as it was without doubt, the turning point in my life to get me on to my purposeful path.

Camphill played the role of the major organ in the body of synchronicity.  This paved the way for major events, meetings and people to enter my life making an invaluable contribution some way.  Inbetween the developing addiction to board games of which I am getting my daily fix we have been tending to play as an international trio comprising of America, Australia and of course England.  During one game which was paired with a rather deep conversation, one of my trusted team mates asked me, ‘If money was no object and you could pursue whatever you wanted in life, what would you do?’ I thought this was a particularly poignant question as the predeceasing, ‘if money was no object’ is such a relevant consideration.  With the elimination of money, it strips away the fears and other issues that hold us back from following our ideals.  Many wonder, if they pursue their dreams how can it be possible to live the life that’s desired.  However, in my case my answer to that, and it hit me for the first time on pondering the answer, ‘I am doing exactly what I want to do’.


Purple Day was an enormous success in the village courtesy of the loving support which I have received from all in the community. The villagers were proudly wearing their purple as were many of the co-workers.  I spent the day re-acquainting myself with the village, the houses and people and taking pictures of the enthusiastic crews investing in the purple fun in the various workshops.  If you haven’t checked out the video, which with blood sweat and tears eventually arrived, you’ll find it below in my last entry or alternatively you can click on this link!

It has been a real blessing to be in an environment where there is so much genuine interest in learning about epilepsy.  It has been a privilege to be asked to give my very first presentation on the condition to this year’s group of volunteers.  Filled with nerves before hand and desperately praying that all the technology wouldn’t fail me, I’m pleased to say it went smoothly and very much to plan!  I realize through the question section afterwards that I still have a lot to learn through research and practical experience but I am well on my way and feeling proud to be a H.O.P.E volunteer.

So as the time gets closer to returning back to Washington and reuniting with the other half of my family duo who I have missed very much, I will leave Camphill feeling rejuvenated and loved with a different sense of completeness.  I will also know that it isn’t ‘goodbye’, it’s simply ‘till the next time’.


4 thoughts on “Community – A Treasure Relived

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