Epilepsy Awareness Day 2014!


With a mere two days to prepare for the wild and wacky Purple Day on March 26th, I spent my weekend just gone rummaging around the treasure trove which is Seattle for something which was purple (I realized that burgundy simply won’t cut it for the lavender/purple representation required).  I’ll admit, maybe a little embarrassed, that this ‘something’ that I was blindly seeking would enable me, when worn, to maintain a bit of style and yet exude an immense amount of fun and support for the cause.

Yes you got it, the treasure chests which came up with the goods were Target and H&M – I’m on a budget folks!! I got some delightful purple capri tights which I decided would go just fabulously with my wellies (rain boots for those not acquainted with British slang!) and with the rest of the ensemble.  So those items purchased, I readily packed my belongings to head off to the wonderful Pennsylvania where I am currently at and have been celebrating being an epileptic and raising awareness.



So how did Purple Day come about  I hear you ask?  Well, when I began my research I was surprised and quite moved with what I discovered.  Another inspirational young lady this time based in Nova Scotia in Canada.  In 2008, Megan Cassidy was a mere nine years old and motivated by her own personal challenges with epilepsy at that time, teamed up with her local epilepsy association and together Purple Day was born.  She chose the colour as the lavender flower has connections in certain cultures with solitude and isolation, a representation of what some people living with epilepsy and seizures can experience and feel.  This became a worldwide event and there is current work being done in order to make this the official International Epilepsy Day.  You can find out more about her continued work, progress and epilepsy by clicking on the link above.

Happy Purple Day!


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