Las Vegas – Part II


Slipping into the rhythm that is Las Vegas is, quite frankly very simplistic. Consciousness occurred at approximately 11.30ish followed by brunch.  It was accompanied by genetically modified chocolate covered strawberries that I left untried (!), after peeling myself out of the bed and losing the bleary eyes.  With the sunshine at its peak and the refreshing coolness of the water beckoning, the pool was the perfect afternoon choice teamed with pina coladas.   Alternatively, one can discover the strip and the glamour of the various themed hotels but only if the ability to withstand the heat is a skill possessed (I soon learned just how English I was!) but of course, if you need to dip into a shadey cool spot, the casinos are a perfect escape!

With the heat starting to wane and the time getting on, between five and six sees a return to the hotel for a quick power nap and to change in readiness for the excitement of the evening ahead.  This is where my second unexpected thread of inspiration came from. Finding myself in a relatively new situation, waiting for my boyfriend to finish getting ready as it’s normally the other way around, I took the weight off and began watching the television.  Uninterested in the channel I began the cardinal sin of intensive channel changing. It didn’t take long before I reached something of interest which happened to be ‘Weed’, a documentary by CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the health benefits of marijuana and the conditions it has been known to improve, including epilepsy.

I was totally taken aback with the content.  Always having been anti-street drugs including marijuana (probably because I had the fear of G-d drilled in to me with regards consuming them along with my AED’s which could have created potentially fatal results) it’s rather ironic that I have come full circle.  However, that being said the compound that is beneficial within the marijuana is the CBD rather than the THC which is what creates the ‘high’.  Crossbreeding of the plants is taking place in Colorado in order to try and produce plants which have high CBD levels and very low THC.

Certainly in England the pendulum which is the legality of this subject has swung from being class B to class C in 2004 and then reclassified back to B again in January 2009.  I can’t speak for situation in England now as more of my research has taken place here in the US, but twenty states in the US have legalized the use of medical marijuana whilst a further two, including Washington, have legalized it for recreational use.

I continue to hear an increasing number of accounts from people who were not having success through the orthodox medication but were through the medicinal marijuana method. Seeing the six year old Charlotte Figi suffering with three hundred grand mal seizures a week reduced down to simply one with the use of marijuana got me wondering, could I too despite experiencing a different level of seizures benefit from this?  Could it eliminate or at least immensely reduce the uncontrolled daily absence seizures which have plagued the last twenty three years of my life through the consumption of specific elements of this ancient plant?

Controversy still remains around this sensitive subject and it is important to note that there is research to validate that damage can still occur when used in particular circumstances.  But who knew that going back to basics could be the make or break of someone’s ability to have a quality of life?


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