Las Vegas – Part I


Who knew that a surprise trip to Las Vegas could have given me such food for thought for a prospective blog?!

Aside from being one of the most bizarrely fascinating places in the world, ‘the disneyland for adults’ as it’s known, I acquired some unintentional practical experience as well as other, simply by pure fluke.

Amongst all the people watching, (you’ll never find anywhere better than Las Vegas for this past time let me assure you!) the lights, the glitz and the feathers there lies the infamous casino world.  As I was introduced to the wonder that is ‘Goldfish’ by a good friend who swore that this particular game at the Bellagio Casino pays out well, I skeptically sat down.  Knowing how fond my Grandad was of putting a few notes on the GG’s (horses) without much success, my intention was to be cautious, after all, it would be just my luck that the losing streak is genetic! However, I played and won $30 which filled me with a cautious confidence and as I continued so did my winnings.

One of the things that has been a strong trigger for me affecting the regularity of my absences is tiredness.  As I retained my winning streak and proceeded to play I lost all track of time which of course is the whole purpose.  With no clocks, time is lost track of and one spends more money.  Eventually, realizing it was 4:30am and the call of food was strong, we left.  What did surprise me however, was how awake I felt despite nearing the twenty one hours I’d been up.  What I later learned (and for those that don’t know) is that the casinos pump oxygen into the air enabling people to stay awake longer, play and lose/win more!

I was ready and accepting of the barrage of absences which I knew would engulf me the following morning after a mere five hours sleep (eight are normally necessary for me to function at a decent level), but they didn’t come.  I sporatically had one or two but that situation should have seen many more, particularly in addition to the increased but not excessive alcohol consumption.  So when I returned home I began thinking about the effects of oxygen therapy and whether it can have positive effects on seizure disorders.  As I was researching today I found this forum which may be useful to some with very positive responses.

Does this mean that an increased amount of oxygen could potentially reduce seizures?  Or that it could be used alongside othodox methods to help control the uncontrolled?

The origin of hyperbaric is divided.  ‘Hyper’ is English meaning ‘above normal’ whilst ‘baric’ derives from the Greek language translating into ‘heavy’, thus resulting with a word signifying pressure greater than normal.

Hyperbaric oxygen has potent medicinal properties and the therapy involves the individual encapsulated in a chamber receiving 100% oxygen, (the air we breathe contains 21%) the pressures of which vary but are greater than that of atmospheric levels.  By absorbing that oxygen into the blood the cells utilize that for their individual functions.  This results in healthier tissue and organs as the body has the ability to heal quicker the more oxygen it has.

There still remains controversy over whether this is suitable as a seizure treatment as it is a relatively unused therapy, but like many it is all about trial and error.  I know from my own experience that sometimes one reaches a point where in order to enhance quality of life, anything is willing to be tried and this seems very possible.


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