Finding that Freedom!

Thanks for stopping by folks, I wish you a warm welcome to my very first blog!

This is a very exciting new venture for me, it is very personal as it derives from my own experience.  Through my honesty, I hope to reach out and offer support to the many people who live with epilepsy directly and indirectly.

Since moving to the US West Coast I was taken aback by the stigma, fear and lack of education about this condition which is present.  I don’t doubt this thread runs through many cultures in many lands, but I have listened to a number of fellow epileptic’s personal accounts, and the majority were peppered with an eye opening amount of painful and isolating experiences.  That brought me to ask myself the question, ‘what can I/we do to change this attitude?’

My opinion is that we (who are directly and indirectly related to epilepsy) are in a wonderful position to play an enormous part in re-educating people. We possess the knowledge as we have lived or are living through it.

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So a little introduction about me.  I have had epilepsy for thirty years and it is only now over the last year that I have been able to openly admit that I have seizures everyday.  I struggled with the acceptance of it on a sub-conscious level for many, many years, perhaps because I was so able from my teen years onwards.  Whilst the grand mal seizures were controlled from the age of eleven, I developed petit mal seizures which I live with everyday.  Once again, if we’re being honest (!), on a bad day I can have approximately eighty plus and for some I’m not even aware that I’m having them.  Being the defiant, optimistic soul that I am, I was determined not to let it stop me travelling the world, working a full time job, studying and living by myself.  What I believe to be an essential component in dealing with epilepsy (or any other condition for that matter) is how you perceive it.

My eternal gratitude goes to my mum in this respect for her unconditional love, support, strength and her endless research of epilepsy and alternative therapies.  She instilled confidence, self worth and taught me to have a positive attitude towards my epilepsy which has ultimately allowed me to pursue my dreams in the way that I have.

Please feel free to ask questions and share this blog.  The more we ask, the greater the education and higher exposure equals maximum awareness!


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