“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” – Aristotle


Have I found harmony yet?  Not completely, but I am off to a flying start, inching closer by the moment.

One of the elements to life that astounds me is meeting people. Not meeting just anyone, nor meeting in a conventional sense, but a situation when you just know there’s something more significant about the meeting itself and that person who has entered your life.  It’s an encounter that makes the hairs stand up on your arms with deeper thought as it isn’t per chance that this has occurred; it feels like its origins are more pre-destined; therefore, there’s a spiritual aspect attached.

A wise owl taught me that life is made up of a great many components.  In order to attain harmony, all of the components are necessary in equal amounts to create balance and I think I’ve been missing one of them.

Spirituality is something, knowingly and unknowingly, that has always been present and I perhaps haven’t appreciated it as much as I should or its necessity in my life.  But, as always, there is the time and place for everything and looking at it philosophically; my life has played out just as it was meant to, inclusive of its absence or presence.

To me, spirituality doesn’t only refer to a religious connection it’s what nourishes your spirit and your soul.  Two very extraordinary people have been placed in my path over this last week and both of them have managed to nudge me in the direction of finding where that nourishment comes from.After an introduction through a mutual contact, a meeting was organized for a coffee and a chat with what I can only describe as a truly remarkable man.  What I initially anticipated would be an hour, possibly two, actually lasted nearer five and was only terminated because I remembered I had errands to run before the stores closed!  I listened to his life stories, I asked him questions, and as he shared his wisdom with me, I experienced a relaxation that I hadn’t felt in a long time.  It was as if I’d been holding my breath for years and then suddenly as we began to talk I was able to finally exhale. This was perfect timing because together with the feeling of coming in and out of my body due to being in my permanent haze of absence seizures, there wasn’t a better state of relaxation to be in.b07850fd16d81c31e89d069cdef0d771

My other blessing was to be found submerged in the world of creativity.  It’s not always that you’re fortunate enough find yourself in the right place at the right time to work with people who have the same creative wants and needs as your own.  I was fortunate enough to find this – and more.  Talking with somebody where the ideas and words can’t leave your mouth fast enough due to the flurry of excitement with which they’re tangled up in really makes the adrenaline flow.  Endless possibilities flash before your eyes and you realize that this is motivation at its purest because you see the same crazy fire of enthusiasm mirrored in their eyes as is in your own.  Perhaps one of the most treasured aspects was becoming aware of a connection which runs deeper than just our mutual love of making all things hand crafted.  My perspective on life compliments hers and I found myself saying, “Really, you do too?” a lot!  As I listened, I became aware that she has a wisdom way beyond her years, I saw that there is so much I can learn from her, and who knows, maybe that will be reciprocated.

Now with two new blooming friendships to enjoy, it’s heartening to think that they will provide me with the gift of fulfillment both personally and (who knows) further down the line with all the exchanging of ingenious ideas and discussions, professionally.  And it is with these thoughts and friendships that I hold on to, which play a part in allowing me to skip a few steps closer to the place I need to be in order to achieve finding the harmony I seek.

“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.”

– Aristotle

My Summer Traveling Extravaganza!

There comes a time when life grabs you by the short and curlies, sits you down and says, “Right, this is what’s going on, what’s not right here?”  Harmony, that’s not what’s right here.

IMG_20150626_192903159_HDRThe last month has been an exciting yet exhausting whirlwind.  I kick started my summer traveling extravaganza with a trip to Miami for my beau’s uncle’s birthday.   The initial family introduction is always when the butterflies come out to play and it gets a bit nail-biting, but, the unfamiliar faces swiftly turned into friends who possessed so many interesting stories and welcomed me with such kindness, there just wasn’t enough time to talk to discover more about every one as much as I would have liked.  It is a beautiful part of the world and with the opportunity to drive down to Key Largo before catching our plane home, I found that tropical environment is like nothing I had experienced before.  I will admit, being a pastey Brit and hearing the temperatures were going to be in the hundreds, (or forties for you Celsius folk out there) I had visions of the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz, except I would take one step out of the plane and there I’d be, nothing but a pile of meager clothes and my carry-on.

That temperature practice was perfectly timed however, as the following weekend I had a bachelorette trip to Las Vegas.  I thought I experienced hot in Miami!  It was a hundred and ten or eleven on that trip and I would like to point out that in neither place did I get myself sunburned!

This Vegas trip was a contrast to the previous one as this was the party by night, pool by day expedition.  With an ‘official’ pool party under our belt on the last day, we jammily linked up with another group (and genuinely gained some  new friends) who had a VIP seating area pretty much next to the DJ booth and for that afternoon we were serenaded by the sweet sounds of Afrojack.  This made me feel old.  Yes, I will readily admit I had absolutely no clue who he was, but that didn’t stop me bobbing about like I had springs on the bottom of my feet!  After leaving the bar in shock (and bankrupt) after spending $30 on two bottles of water, I decided it was time for me to go, a nice afternoon nap I thought, to prepare myself for the evening’s entertainment.


Despite my early pool party departure that day, I was successful in the casinos.  My first $3 spent won me $50 and then another $30 later on courtesy of Lobstermania 2 and Goldfish, both 1 cent slot machines – my Grandad would have been so proud!  Throw a couple more bars in, a pole dancing class and some sight-seeing and that was our long weekend.


However, this weekend just past was a complete contrast.  Friday night in the sea of rush hour, we slowly made our way to sleepy Whidbey Island, thirty miles north of Seattle, west of Washington.  The cottage possessed a melancholic loneliness to it and even with it being our second stay I’m still not quite sure what to make of it.  It had a distinct feeling of isolation probably attributed to its surroundings.  The vast expanse of water, the over flowing driftwood and its deep sense of emotional neutrality despite other cottages dotted close by.  It’s quite the enigma.   The weekend however, was filled with laughter, game playing; good food, relaxation and catching up with absent friends and made for a peaceful, therapeutic trip.

Where did that leave me on my return?  Still with a lot of rumination and soul searching to do!  But with a few exciting encounters so far this week, I will keep you all waiting till the next instalment to find out not How Stella Got Her Groove Back but how Freya re-discovered her balance of harmony!

Sit, Relax, Breathe…


Of late I am very guilty of saying I don’t have time.  My head is full, it’s so full of what are simply the dregs of various ideas, thoughts, concerns, memories, feelings and goodness knows what else.  It serves no benefit for finding contentment or inner peace. My clarity has been clouded by a dusty mess and reading this was the metaphorical dustpan and brush for re-claiming my peace of mind.

We are all familiar with this situation, falling right into its center every once in a while and it’s a life line to be able to take a step back away from the chaos.  Those five minutes could completely change the direction of your day so go on, swallow your excuses, you may just find an incredible day awaits you…

A Busy Summer Spirit


I think I’ve been experiencing a mild version of writer’s block.  All the subject matter is here it’s just the words sit contentedly yet awkwardly together and don’t flow, or, could it simply be a reflection of the synaptastic activity in my brain?  I am having a fair amount of self-inflicted seizures so that could be it and that in itself is another story!  In additional to this, life is becoming satisfyingly bursting at the seams, so no doubt that has contributed to not being able to calmly process what could potentially be a post.

What have I been doing you ask? So much, I reply! Aside from becoming what feels like a nomad, being productive is the aim of the game here.

I met Natalia, a now very good friend when I first moved to Seattle.  She was in the same situation as me, not able to work but wanting to use her time constructively.  Since getting to know her, it was a few weeks ago that I decided to nickname her ‘Google’.  Over time I’ve come to realize that she seems to answer the majority of things that I would Google but before I can get there.  Nine times out of ten something will come up in conversation and she will be able to direct me to somebody/a website that meets my needs or she’ll just use her own vast knowledge. Her personal aspirations have no bounds and I find her quite the inspiration.

The blog has revealed that writing is what I want to do and it’s been a fair while since I went to school.  All those scary words like ‘pronoun’ and ‘adverb’ along with all the conjunctions jumbled in amongst the big tangled mess of the English language brought me to the decision that they are pretty much a necessity for me now.  With the attitude, if-you’re-going-to-do-something-you-may-as-well-do-it-properly, I bit the bullet and booked some English classes online. (Thanks Natalia!) They are great fun, immensely helpful but hard work.  Since starting, it has been rather disconcerting to discover that many of the essential language basics were omitted from my own schooling; however, this is my second chance so it’s my high school ‘do over’!

There are occasions when I read some posts back and I gasp in horror at some of the utter nonsense written because I didn’t put a comma in the right place.  Naturally everyone makes mistakes, but it’s you folk who have the read and re-read the sentences three or four times to try and figure out what the devil I’m going on about!

Now this course, despite only having started it a few weeks ago is an enormous help to one of my other projects – learning Spanish.

I adored Spanish at high school but I’m not quite sure what went wrong.  I was predicted an A grade but shamefully limped out with a D which was most upsetting to my seventeen year old self.  I can only think that I panicked in the exam otherwise that foretells a very long road ahead this time round!

There are some superb free websites I learn from but more beneficially I have also been meeting with native Spanish speakers.  (Thanks Natalia!)  They too want to practice their English so it’s a win-win situation.

Finally, my additional new voluntary venture is just beginning, working with a budding non-profit organization managing their social media sites.  I’m not quite up and running just yet but the company itself has been active for some time.   If you’re interested to take a peek you can visit savetheschools.org to find out more.

So, as you can see my hands are becoming pleasantly full.  Spanish, English, writing, volunteering, keeping fit (yup, another blog!) and traveling (yup, and another one!) there’s plenty keeping me occupied.

And, it is on that note that I must turn my concentration to my Spanish verb tenses.  Not particularly exciting I know but it must be done and if I’m correct in thinking, before I go I can wish you feliz fin de semana! – Happy weekend!